Visa Procedure

Our rules and procedures are crystal clear and simple. We abide by all the international rules for the immigration and expect our clients to do the same for the happy business.

Rules and Regulations

The Government of Pakistan has laid down certain rules & regulations under immigration Act 1979 for manpower recruitment on behalf of Overseas Employers. We would require the following documents to proceed with our Manpower Recruitment Services. These documents will be required as per the rules formulated by Government of Pakistan and may slightly vary according from country to country. These documents have to be attested by the Pakistan Embassy in your country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in some case by the Chamber of Commerce also.

Saudi Arabia

Document Description:

  • Visa Slip (Ammar Tehsil - For Saudia Arabia only)
  • Power of Attorney (Wakala) attested by Pakistan Embassy in your country
  • Sponsor's ID card
  • Company Map (Ruksa Fathe Mahal)
  • Sajal_Tijari

On receipt of written demand and power of attorney from the prospective employers, Bab-e-Salam Overseas obtains permission from the Protector of Immigrants and then places advertisement in newspapers to find the most suitable candidates from across the country.

The resume' are sorted out by our experts having hands on knowledge on the particular field of expertise. If the employer prefers to interview the candidates through its own representative, Bab-e-Salam Overseas makes arrangement for it. Optionally, the candidates are carefully interviewed by our team on behalf of the client.

After the final selection, all formalities regarding trade tests, medical examination, approval from Protector of Immigrants, visas, insurance, air tickets are processed for the selected candidates. Besides, the selected candidates are also briefed about the laws of the country to be served, industrial safety, and cultural awareness of the country especially in term of food and customs and language.

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